About Stand Up and Eat

Learn more about the Stand Up and Eat Cause and Fitness Tools!

About Our Cause
The Stand Up (more) & Eat (better) web site is an educational and participatory site to help people balance the calories they eat with the calories they burn each day. We are promoting “calorie literacy”. You can learn to:

Stand up more (i.e., sit less)
Find simple ways be physically active in different places
Add more moderate and vigorous exercise into your daily life
Make the most of your daily calories by choosing nutrient-rich, low-calorie foods
Eat proper portions
Reduce excess fat and sugar in your diet
Live in settings that foster active living and healthy eating habits
Use proven tools and programs that will help you adopt healthier habits

Why Stand Up & Eat

Stand Up & Eat is a copyright-free outreach web site from The Cooper Institute, a nonprofit research and education center based in Dallas, Texas. We are using this web site to make many of our evidence-based educational materials and programs available for free so more people can improve the quality of their lives through better health practices. Initial funding for the site has been made possible by an anonymous donor who has become very concerned about the dramatic increase in obesity and other health issues worldwide.

The goals of the web site are to:

Empower consumers to take charge of their health by attaining calorie balance
“Give back” to donors, friends, customers, and collaborators by sharing Cooper Institute expertise and resources in physical activity and nutrition
Establish new and strengthen existing relationships with visitors
Become widely-known as a trusted source of health-related (especially, active living and healthy eating) information
Provide a space where people can communicate about and collaborate on calorie balance topics and issues

How Can I Help?
You can contribute to the Stand Up & Eat cause by visiting the site often, commenting on our blog , giving us feedback, telling others about the site, and/or making a donation to The Cooper Institute.


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